10 Best Apple Watch Apps



During the busy life, managing the workout is very complicated. Strava, the online leading fitness app, allows you to monitor your cycling and running exercises via GPS. The application is available in fourteen languages. The main two features are perceived exertion and fitness, where exertion concentrates on workouts and fitness analyzes the performance of the exercise. Some comprehensive features of Strava are Heatmaps, Live Segments, the Beacon. Heatmaps show the places you’ve been to. Also, it can share your location with anyone in case of emergencies. The live segment motivates you to compete with yourself or with others to achieve goals. Beacon is a private access video sharing platform where you share your workout activities with your friends & family. Through application social networking, you can share your daily activities, workouts with your loved ones.



Listen and watch your favorite television series anytime, anywhere, through an award-winning podcast player Overcast. By offering a fair price model, Overcast has diverse customized options, management of podcasts via smart playlists, and much more. Through apple watch, you can synchronize downloaded data through Digital Crown with the watch, and you can listen to it through smart Bluetooth devices. Other features include searching, setting frequencies on of the podcast through apple watch. The extensively new features of overcast application contain Siri support, which means you access the app also through Siri.

Activity Tracker Pedometer:


Researches have claimed the more you walk, the healthy you are. Do you always count your steps when you go out for a walk? If not, the Activity tracker here can count not only your steps but also your burnt calories, your distances to any location you set it to. It can monitor your activities daily, weekly, or even monthly. The extensive feature of this application is that it doesn’t drain the battery because it does not utilize the GPS, unlike Strava. Every smartphone and watch contains motion processors and activity tracker monitors through it.



Do you have a Roku device, and sometimes you forget where you put your remote? Roku apple watch app solves your problem because it contains enormous features where in particular, you will not need the remote. D-pad appearance on Roku eradicates the need for the obsolete remote system. Other than remote, you can quickly launch tv channels by the click of your watch. In the app, the tv channels are listed as the most recent ones for consumer suitability. Voice search option in Apple watch works as Siri but more in a narrow area. Summing up, it’s a trendy experience to monitor your tv through amazing innovative apple watch.



Have you ever been in a critical pandemic situation like coronavirus where you feel your head is going to burst? If you have, then headspace is here to take away your pain. It’s a meditation app that focuses on core breathing exercises for developing a healthy mind. It easily syncs with the apple watch, and you can meditate where you want and any time of the day. The most remarkable feature is called “Feeling overwhelmed.” It’s a three-minute meditation practice that you quickly conduct at the time of emergency. Although the application has minor subscription fees, apple watch meditation experience makes it worth it.



1Password is a top-rated password manager that comes with slightly fewer features than its iOS counterpart. It will not reproduce everything from the iPhone version, but it will display the one-time login key for accounts that have two-factor authentication. If you use these types of passwords a lot, this app will come in handy. If you happen to use a similar password application like LastPass, you will also be able to find those apps that have Apple Watch support also. Just ensure to download the password manager that’s right for you.



Cheatsheet is a light-weight application that you can use to note some everyday information. For instance, you can note luggage combinations, license plates, Wi-Fi passwords, and various other things that you quickly forget. All you need to do is type in the data in your iPhone app, and it will sync with the watch. Then, add a familiar icon next to the info so that you can distinguish between similar characters. Let’s say you’ve a set of numbers and letters for a license plate and a Wi-Fi password. You can place a car icon next to the license plate, and a house icon next to the Wi-Fi. This way, you will have all your valuable info tied to your wrist at any time.



With Things, you will always know what you need to do and where you need to be. It is a useful iOS task management tool that is user-friendly and provides plenty of features. You can sync the app on your watch with your iPhone and check the tasks you have completed. When you mark them as complete, they will also appear completed on the iPhone app.
On the watch version of the app, you can see all the tasks that are due for today. You can also browse via the calendar to check the functions for upcoming days. Unluckily, the app isn’t free charge, and it will cost you around $10 to purchase it. But once you get it, you will ensure that nothing important slips your mind again.

Nano for Reddit:


Reddit is one of the perfect places on the internet to explore your interests, check out the current news, and meet folks just like you. Thanks to your Apple Watch, you can now browse through your most-liked subreddits or check your homepage without having to open your phone. Nano for Reddit is an excellent way to check Reddit on your watch, designed from the ground up for the Apple Watch’s screen.
Nano provides a smooth Reddit experience that stays out of your way while letting you check your feed, complete with support for inline Twitter posts, GIF support, a built-in reader for checking articles, and plenty more. Nano is free to charge, though a premium plan offers features like favorites, multireddits, and more.

PCalc Lite:


A built-in calculator is the strangest omission from Apple Watch. Luckily, PCalc Lite is a freeware calculating tool with all the necessary features. It does not matter if you are a scientist, student, or want to calculate your supermarket cart; you’ll find everything in this app. The app lacks some features of the premium calculator apps. Although it is entirely free and will provide you far more than just basic mathematical operations. Additionally, you can finally live the dream of owning your very own calculator watch.

Watch Out for the Apps:

Most Apple Watch apps can be synced with your iPhone (if you have one) or used as standalone tools. With the additions such as the Apple Watch speaker, you can use it as your music player. Connect your Bluetooth headphones, turn on the running tracker app, and you’re all set for a fantastic workout session. You can even listen to your most-liked podcast while working out. New apps for this device are being released every day, so it seems that smartwatches are the way of the future. Do you already own Apple Watch? What are your favorite apps not included in this article? Share your experiences and app picks in the comments below.

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